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        Our remote team launches for meaningful startups in Silicon Valley and beyond, pursues ideas in our internal incubator, LokaLabs, and still enjoys radical benefits like every other Friday off and Relocation services. Those are just some of the reasons we have a 99% retention rate!

        The Loka referral program pays out when your referral joins Loka and stays on for more than 90 days. We then send you 500€-800€. The more senior the role, the higher the payout. And there's no limit to referrals.

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        We're always looking for curious builders with a global perspective.
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        about this
        referral program,
        please contact

        By submitting a referral, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

        The Referrer:

        • Must be an individual (not a business entity)
        • Cannot be an employee of an external staffing/recruiting agency or bound by another agreement that restricts their work with Loka
        • Cannot refer themselves

        The Referral:

        • Can be located in Europe, Eastern Europe, LatAm, North America or South Africa
        • Can be a candidate for all our open position, with the exception of the intern positions
        • Cannot be a previous employee of Loka, someone that Loka has been made aware of within the last six months, team or someone that has been interviewed by Loka within the past year
        • Has to be someone that is informed of the referral process by the referrer and consent to participating in Loka’s recruiting process

        The Process & General Rules:

        • In order to refer a candidate, you must complete the following form
        • The referral will be reviewed and validated by our HX Team before starting the recruitment process and will be contacted if they are a fit for one of our open roles
        • The referred candidate has to acknowledge that they were referred by you
        • The referred candidate must go through the standard Loka recruitment process
        • The referrer can ask for feedback on their referred candidate, at any time of the referral process and the HX team will share feedback
        • The referral is valid for 180 days after submitting and in order for you to be eligible for a bonus, the candidate must receive a job offer from Loka within those 180 days
        • There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly
        • If a candidate is referred more than once, the bonus will go to the person that referred the candidate first
        • If we hire your referred candidate, and they stay with us for more than 90 days, we will provide you with a one-time 500-800€ referral bonus, depending on the seniority of the role.
        • The bonus amount depends on the nature and the seniority of the role, as determined in Loka’s sole discretion.
        • If the referred candidate resigns or is let go with or without cause prior to the 90 days, the bonus will not be paid
        • We guarantee bonuses will be paid to you after the candidate’s 90th day within Loka, in approximately 15 days after the candidate’s 90th day within Loka and if you submit the necessary personal information
        • The bonus reward is expressed in net amount