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        Our healthcare software solutions brought free Lyfts to patients in transportation deserts. We supported the world’s first smart implantable for outpatient cancer care. Our aim is always to create applications and platforms that are easy to use, even for aging audiences and tech-averse users. Additionally, we know how to access and safeguard critical health data and turn that data into better experiences for your members, patients and stakeholders.
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        Engaging with Loka is easy and flexible. Partners use our expert, remote tech teams to take on full project ownership or to amplify their existing teams. 

        Mobile & Web App Development
        We always develop with your users in mind, be them doctors, providers or senior citizens. Bring your application to life with our teams of UI/UX, Front-End, Back-End, QA, Project Managers, and more. No perfectly written plan needed--if you know what you want, we know how to build it.
        Custom Software Development
        We support all phases of software development, including developing custom software from scratch, building prototypes and adding on to existing applications. In addition to usability and accessibility, we ensure regulatory requirements are met for our healthcare partners.
        Compliance & Data Governance
        In healthcare, compliance must always be top of mind. Use Loka to deploy and configure optimal services for your data needs on cloud providers like AWS and GCP. We also have experience guiding companies through the auditing process, including SOC2, HIPAA, GxP and other specialized regulatory standards.
        Advanced Analytics
        Everyone wants to access patient data. We know how to. With deep teams of data engineers, data scientists, DevOps and more specialists, we can help you define your data strategy, store data, prepare and normalize datasets, build data processing and pipelines, and set up analytics dashboards so you can interpret data quickly and cost effectively.
        AI/ML Projects
        80% of ML projects fail in production. Launch successfully by using Loka to help you choose between out-of-the-box ML models on AWS or GCP or building from scratch. From data wrangling to feature engineering to deploying and monitoring models in production, we can set up your end-to-end ML lifecycle.
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        Loka's healthcare case studies.

        Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute
        BCBSI had worked with another software developer to launch an analytics dashboard for the better part of a year without success. Loka came in and redesigned, implemented the design into the software and delivered a working version on deadline. In six weeks, accomplishing what the previous consultancy couldn’t deliver in a year. We are proud to continue partnering with BCBSI on healthtech projects to this day.
        WithMe Health
        WithMe Health focuses on lowering costs and improving outcomes by supporting members at each step of their journey. Loka helped WithMe build a data pipeline composed of different microservices that would orchestrate various types of health data, including claims, labs and prescription data. Claims were consolidated and augmented with information from different knowledge bases. Additionally, we helped WithMe achieve SOC2 Type I and SOC2 Type II approvals from a complete standing start.
        rideQ tackles the problem of missed medical appointments due to lack of transportation. To break down transportation barriers, rideQ needed more than functionality; their senior audience required an app with extraordinary usability. Loka delivered one-click access to Lyfts, as well as real-time ride notifications and ride tracking. Loka even eliminated billing headaches by automatically reimbursing members, making every ride effectively free. The result: fewer missed appointments and more peace of mind.
        The telehealth startup connects people to specialists in less than 10 minutes - no scheduling required. As part of their offering, Healiom has a web application that classifies images using an already trained model. Loka worked with Healiom to migrate from a traditional monolith approach to a decoupled serverless approach. The result: Healiom’s web application went live and decreased costs while still providing the capacity to scale that they needed.

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